This helped me so much. I could play songs fine, but when it came to writing improv solos in a certain key, I couldn’t even tell you where to begin. Prasannata Academy helped more than you could imagine, and on top of that its not one of those money hungry place for a quality lessons.
This was amazing. Thank you!

Nisha Swami

O’ summm place !!!! Very happy to see this cool place and also learn how to play guitar….!! Must visit the Prasannataa Academy of Performing Arts ….b’coz this is the place where the real MASTI beginsss!!!!

Bhavya Rajdogra

Karan sir is not only a guitar teacher, he is a life coach. He figures out where you’re at, meets you there, and builds you up into the best you can be, supporting you like a best friend along the way. He gave me the confidence and knowledge to live my dreams.