“The teachers are wonderful, the facility is so nice, things are run so efficiently and best of all I find all activities under one roof, my daughter loves art and craft while my son loves to learn dance, Prasannata Evening Classes of Performing Arts provides all the learning at one place, hence making me easier to manage time, best of all they provide pick up and drop facility as well”

Mr. Deepak Agrawal

“Prasannata Evening Classes of Performing Arts is much more than simply a place for your child to dance and learn other form of Arts. It’s a place for your child to learn about the possibilities that exist in them. It’s also a place where the teachers, directors, and other staff take the time to get to know your child and you and make it the best experience possible”

Mrs. Anu Chopra

“Although our 3 year old daughter has only attended PRASANNATAA Academy of Performing Arts for one year she is HOOKED on to dancing. The entire staff has been so incredibly helpful and encouraging to us (as first time “dance parents”) but most importantly to her. She looks forward each week to attending class and to becoming a real “Dancer”. The annual performance was better than we could ever have imagined and was managed so smoothly.
It’s nice to find a staff so dedicated to its students while still providing a fun, supportive, and friendly atmosphere. We look forward to many more years of dance and to branching out into the numerous “disciplines” offered at PRASANNATAA Academy of Performing Arts. Thank you again to the entire staff!”…

Mrs. Shalini Dandekar

I wanted my kids to learn the ABACUS method of math when we came to Delhi. After coming to know about PRASANNATA Academy and after interactions with few of the students, I was happy to let my child enrol into Prasaanata.

Sudha Krishnan

PRASANNATA Academy has great program that caters to young minds. The instructors are very professional and friendly. We feel that it is has been an enriching & rewarding experience for our child

Sekhar Gangidi

I was amazed and impressed at the parent observation day in music class. Our kids are so lucky to be learning music theory at a deep level from a young age. If they stay with it, they will be proficient in the language of music to a degree that only the most talented musicians can attain on their own. Another thing I love has nothing to do with music. It is that they are in a small group situation where they are being asked to think on their feet and perform in front of a group. It is a fun atmosphere so I don’t think it is felt as pressure. My child is not being required to do that in any other situation in school or otherwise. In school, the teachers only call on kids who have raised their hands. These kids have already solved the problem, or probably already knew it before the teacher asked. Your class is genuinely challenging, but never in an unattainable way.

Kari Ramachandran

As an educator myself, I can tell that the entire faculty at Prasannata Academy are working hard to make sure that music is not something that is only good for brain stimulation but also as a way of appreciating life.

Academy has a strong philosophy on laying a strong musical foundation in every child.