Looking to engage your kids in fun and meaningful activities for their creative development ?

Don’t look any further as Prasannata Academy will help you explore a host of options from art camps for kids, to performing arts and music lessons for your kids. You can even find something for the toddlers from toddler art studios to arts and craft classes.

At PRASANNATAA, we provide you an exciting range of hobby crafts from India and around the world! We teach various crafts, beginning with the basic steps followed by the projects. These crafts enhance one’s creative skills, especially younger children. It is a great hobby for housewives. The courses are very useful in school projects. You can even teach these courses as a profession. You can make your own inexpensive artefacts to beautify your house and have a unique look. We sell material used in the courses, in order to facilitate easy purchase. You need not run from shop to shop in search of it.

Now enjoy Drawing, Colouring, Mehendi, Tattoo & Best out of Waste (how to make crafts from waste)…

Learn how to hand-paint your existing ceramic crockery, bake them in your tiny oven at home and turn them super awesomilicous, and completely food-safe. But hey, this ain’t an art workshop, this is a fun workshop. Perfect for anyone who can’t paint, draw, hold a brush or spell it for that matter. You can go Picasso or just splash your plate with colour and call it modern art. Either way, you are going to have a very relaxing weekend.

Paint brush too tiny for your big fingers? Think art should be done with a shotgun? Then you need help buddy . But while they find a straitjacket of your size, why not try the coolest way to paint anything – a spray can! Aerosolgrafia, unlike its street cousin Graffiti, is done on art paper or any portable object. No, your little sister is not considered as a portable object.

There’s nothing quite fulfilling than creating something with your own hands. Feel the wet clay take shape as your fingers gently direct its motion in this relaxing pottery workshop. A nice way to spend an evening, do something new and probably discover a fantastic hobby.

Coil and shape your imagination into life with colourful strips of paper. But what you will make most is nothing, because quilling empties your mind of all thought as you focus on turning that paper into your next earring.

Arts & Crafts Sessions at Prasannata