Who We Are?

We believe that all our pupils are important, whether they are 4 years old doing their first tap, acting, dance, singing or ballet class, or whether they are an 18 year old wanting to become a professional actor, actress or singer. We therefore nurture and develop their talents through effective working programmes at every level – giving them the confidence to fulfil their potential, and therefore, we take a different view and work to bring out the best in everyone.

PRASANNATAA Academy of Performing Arts is a professional performing arts training facility. Our commitment to excellence in both training and personal career management is what makes us a leader in the industry. Our students are regarded as some of the best in the business, something we take great pride in. PRASANNATAA Academy is helping build the future of students in arts & entertainment industry.

Why Choose Us ?

Many people believe that talent will simply speak for itself. At PRASANNATAA Academy we take a different view. We believe that talent needs consistent and solid training for it to develop to its highest potential for the long term.

  • Professional Teaching Faculty led by the inspiring Founder
  • Personal Development for all Students
  • Varied curriculum, and changeable modular system of classes
  • Workshops, Summer Schools and Courses
  • Routes to progression

Our Work Speaks for Us

Maximum no. of Activities & Classes Under One Roof
Focus on Every Student
Teacher to Student Ratio: 1:5
Experience of Seven Years
Highly Experience Faculty: Trained from International Destinations
Abacus: more than 75% students getting distinction

ABOUT FOUNDER: Mr. Deepak Rajdogra


Deepak Rajdogra

Founder & Head, Prasannata Academy of Performing Arts

E-mail: info@prasannata.com
Phone / Whats App: +91.9810306168

The Arts are truly a definite medium for self-expression, creativity, and a means by which people may share precious moments together. Since my early age the desire to provide all extracurricular activities under one roof stirred deeply in my soul. Thus, as time would allow, the desire grew and “PRASANNATAA Academy of Performing Arts” was born.

PRASANNATAA Academy is a place that enlightens and aims to build a bridge of understanding, to share our culture with cultures from around the world, to hear the same words that make us all laugh or cry, to applaud and shout in unity, besides we also want our younger generation to get multi talented and grasp art and culture at very young age, hence enabling them to get self disciplined, focus oriented and ready for their future.

Our Mission

To reach new heights of excellence and to provide all learning under one roof

Our Vision

To be India’s biggest academy for extra curricular activities, making learning and knowledge fun for children, MASTI KI PATHSHALA

Prasannata’s Core Values

  • Deliver: “Quality and Integrity” on a consistent basis.
  • Attitude: “Maintain a positive and supportive attitude at all times.
  • Nurture: Each member of the PRASANNATA family provides a supportive and positive atmosphere to students
  • Care: About our franchisees, employees, vendors, parents and children.
  • Educate: “Teach life skills through dance.